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Repair services for all types of heating and cooling systems are common these days when HVAC systems are a necessity in every home or office building. This equipment provides heat during cold weather, and cooling when the weather is hot and humid. Whether it’s hot or cold, then, you will benefit greatly from having these new heating systems for homes. But we do not just cater to homeowners, of course. We can provide the necessary service right in your office, too, be it just basic maintenance or repair service, or some other AC issues you may have.

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Our Services

AC Repair

American HVAC Pros are your go-to repair men for your ac unit.

Furnace Repair

We specialize in all types of furnace repair, installation and maintenance.

Thermostat Repair

Contact us for thermostat service or installation.

Jacksonville Heating and Cooling Experts

HVAC Installationoutdoor ac unit

Our personnel are equipped with the skill and experience to perform HVAC installation in Jacksonville, FL as quickly and as carefully as possible. Though we work quickly, we never compromise the quality of our work. We make sure that all the bolts are in place and that your AC is locked securely to the desired location. We know that electric home heating systems that are properly installed can run more efficiently for a longer period of time, the reason why we take great care in installing your AC. We make it customary to visit your building first prior to installation. This enables us determine the best and easiest way we can perform the installation.
HVAC Maintenance

Regular maintenance must be made a priority of every AC system owner. This helps to ensure that your system works and functions as efficiently as possible. Your AC is just like the human body that requires regular cleaning, too. Over some time, dirt can clog your unit, or some parts can get broken for one reason or another, and either way can greatly affect the performance of your system. For instance, it can reduce the cooling or heating capacity of your system or cause it to eventually break down. We, at American HVAC, can prevent this from happening by conducting comprehensive maintenance work and home ac tune up from time to time

new hvac unit for rooftop installationHVAC Repair

Of all the services that we offer, our repair services are the most availed of. And, of all the heating and cooling systems we service, it is the AC units we do more repairs of. That is why we make it a point to increase our knowledge about the varied features of the AC units and how to deal with them the right way. Ask us anything about AC and we can tell you the answers even with our eyes closed. That is how confident we are about what we know and the services we offer. We can effectively supply your heating and air conditioning repair needs.

24 Hour Service

Air conditioning systems can bog down any time of the day, and we know just how frustrating it can be when your AC is not working and it’s 95 outside! For this reason, we operate for a full twenty-four hours a day. So any time you need an emergency AC repair service, whether it is in the wee hours of the morning or at midnight, just give us a call at 727-202-2834, and we can be right there to provide the services you require.  We guarantee that our 24-hour service is unlike any other local heating and air companies.

Call 727-202-2834 Now For a Free Estimate 

Working with American HVAC Pros was easy, the men were polite and did a great job for us. Kim Arnette


We had American HVAC Pros out to fix our broken AC unit and they did a good job getting the air conditioner working again. Reasonable prices and fast service from this company. Janet Boone


Big things come from small things, as one saying goes. Some AC issues can seem insignificant at first, but they can blow up if not taken care of right away. Well, it is the same with just about anything in life. What may look like a dot can turn into a huge sink hole. Of all the local heating and air contractors, we are the best because we understand this at great lengths. Here at American HVAC Pros we know how important it is that our customers are able to immediately spot an AC problem so they can avail themselves of our repair services to help stop the problem before it becomes worse.

Below, you will find the most common air conditioner problems:

Refrigerant Leaks – Low refrigerant levels can be due to faulty installation or it can mean your AC is leaking. Call us if you are uncertain. Our technicians are fully trained to look at your AC unit. We will get your unit to function efficiently again by keeping the refrigerant up to the normal level.

Fan/Compressor Failure – Fan or compressor failure can occur when there are too many substances clogging your filters or when the AC coils are too dirty already. You can request our trained technicians perform HVAC maintenance to prevent this from happening.

AC Repair and Heater Repair Experts

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Sensor Issues – A sensor is a smart device used to measure air temperature as it goes in the machine. If your AC is cycling on and off, there is something wrong with your sensor.

Electronic Failures – Even the best heating and cooling systems for homes are not exempted from electronic failures, especially involving fan controls. Switching your AC unit on and off constantly can cause the fan control to malfunction. Over some time, electric wires can get damaged.

Give us a call today at 727-202-2834. Along with our high quality services and exceptional customer care, we also take pride in the fact that we are able to do these services at a reasonable price, and no hidden charges whatsoever.  For us at [Company Name], you are important and it is important to us that we are able to make you feel exactly that way as we repair your AC appliance. If you have needs for HVAC maintenance or HVAC installation services, we can serve them, too, with utmost efficiency and professionalism.

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