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American HVAC Pros is a reliable name when it comes to HVAC repair in Miami, FL.  As new cooling systems for homes become essential, just about any home or office will eventually require repair services of some sort to ensure that their HVAC system is working as efficiently as it should.  Whether it is hot or cold outside, our equipment can adjust the temperature accordingly inside. A fully-functioning AC unit can be your source of comfort in hot days. If you have been shopping around for a company that conducts HVAC maintenance or one to install your new AC system, you have finally found us. We do all these things, as well as a host of many other AC issues.

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Our Services

AC Repair

American HVAC Pros are your go-to repair men for your ac unit.

Furnace Repair

We specialize in all types of furnace repair, installation and maintenance.

Thermostat Repair

Contact us for thermostat service or installation.

Miami Heating and Cooling Experts

HVAC Installationoutdoor ac unit

Before we do HVAC installation, we make it necessary to have an on-site inspection of your building. Doing so makes it a whole lot easier to install your brand new AC system. This also allows as to perform the task required as promptly as possible so the quality of our work does not suffer as a consequence. We never rush our work, but we have the capability to do it right and faster than any other local heating and air companies. Our personnel are all experts in this kind of thing, after all, as they have been installing electric home cooling systems for many years already.
HVAC Maintenance

Regular HVAC maintenance in Miami, FL can go a long way, especially when it concerns the life and the efficiency of your unit. Take this for granted, and your system can break in an instant. Sometimes the reason can be as simple as a clog or it can be more serious like a broken part.  You will not want it happening either way because the problem can have some ugly consequences. The good news is, they can be avoided by simply having a home ac tune up whenever possible. Our maintenance services here at American HVAC Pros help to ensure that your unit is giving you the cool air you need during hot weather conditions.

new hvac unit for rooftop installationHVAC Repair

We consider ourselves experts in HVAC repair. Repair services are the services most often required of us. Our heating and air conditioning repair services cover all types of cooling and heating equipment, but we do AC units for the most part. In fact, we receive more job orders for repairs of AC units than any other equipment so much so that we have made it our responsibility to master the ins and outs of the AC system. We can immediately know what is wrong with it just by listening to its sound when it is turned on.  .

24 Hour Service

For sure, you will not like the idea of your AC system malfunctioning during extreme weather conditions. You probably will not last a few minutes inside your home. Unthinkable as it is, though, your system can bog down. And we know that it can happen early in the morning or even late at night. That is why we have a twenty-four service, unparalleled anywhere. So feel free to call us for an emergency repair of your AC; we can immediately attend to your call, whatever time of day it is.

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Working with American HVAC Pros was easy, the men were polite and did a great job for us. Kim Arnette


We had American HVAC Pros out to fix our broken AC unit and they did a good job getting the air conditioner working again. Reasonable prices and fast service from this company. Janet Boone


It is easy to take a lot of things for granted, especially if they are not really troublesome to begin with. Being in this line of business for many years did not only make us a top AC repair company in Miami, far ahead than other local heating and air contractors, but it has also made us realize that many AC issues can actually be prevented or at least reduced in severity if acted upon while still in the early stages. We want to make sure that you know what goes on with your AC system so you can immediately call us before more damage is done.

Below, you will find the most common air conditioner problems:

Refrigerant Leaks – Low refrigerant levels can indicate a leak. Give us a call and our experts can immediately spot what is wrong with your AC and get the refrigerant levels up again.

Fan/Compressor Failure – If your fan or compressor is not working properly, we can check the filters for dirt and other substances that have accumulated over time due to irregular home ac tune up. We will have our technicians come over to look, unclog your filters, clean your AC coils, and have your AC unit in top shape in no time.

AC Repair and Heater Repair Experts

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Sensor Issues – A well-functioning sensor results to better temperature control. So pay close attention to your AC’s sensor. If it keeps on cycling, that means there is trouble. We train our technicians to perform sensor repairs that is why we are the most trusted AC repair company.

Electronic Failures – Even with the best heating and cooling systems for homes, electronic failures can happen when the wires are corroded or when the fan control is out of order.

More than anything else, we care about you. Here at American HVAC Pros in Miami, FL, we know what it means to earn your loyalty trust and confidence. In line with this, we strive to make our services of top notch quality all the time, while keeping our rates within standard. And of course, we always make sure that you will be extremely satisfied with our customer service. Ask us about our HVAC maintenance and HVAC installation services. Call us and we will tell you all you need to know about HVAC repair in Miami.

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